Modern industrial chemistry as we see it is about complex services, top products, higher labour productivity, employees’ health protection, reduction of impacts of industry on the environment, innovations, and replacement of hazardous chemical substances.

Our range of products


Cleaning and degreasing

NOVATO products for cleaning and degreasing represent a complete series of liquids and sprays for industrial cleaning, both for common operational maintenance and for special cleaning and degreasing operations in maintenance and as part of technological manufacturing processes. The range of procudts include water-dilutable liquids, organic solvents and detergents, and special mixtures with original properties. The offer by NOVATO also includes the Green Solution series of products friendly to the environment and to employees’ health. >> more

Gluing and sealing

NOVATO’s range of products in the sphere of adhesives and putties represents all commonly used products in repairing and maintenance and includes products based on silicon, polymers, epoxides, and cyynoacrylates. The NOVADURIT series of anaerobic cements and the epoxide adhesives are at the cutting edge in this sphere. >> more


NOVATO’s range of products in the sphere of lubrication are mainly products focused on high quality, resistance, and use even in extreme conditions, with the aim of improving maintenance and operation of machines, mechanisms and equipment, prolonging the lubricating cycles, and offering solutions even of very specific problems of extreme operations. >> more

Special products

This series of NOVATO products includes quite a wide group of products for special applications in maintenance, e.g. various products used to loosen rusted-in and stuck joints, products for welding and cutting, protective sprays and fluids, applicators and a number of other products, including very original products, surprising as to their application and functionality. >> more

Electric maintenance

This specific assortment is intended to offer a complex range of products for the branch of electric maintenance, including chemical products, joining elements, tools, protective boards, edges and strips and other products like sockets, fuses etc. 

Personal hygiene

In this category, NOVATO offers both special products designed for hand-washing in the case of extreme contamination, protection against acids and alkalis etc., and products for common hygiene and disinfection of hands and protective devices. It also includes top removers and neutralizers of smells for demanding environments. >> more

Complete range of products

Our services



Our experienced sales representatives provide for sales promotion of our products especially through direct consultations and counselling at the points of application of the products. They arrange for or help to accomplish trials, tests and checks of a product suitable for a definite application, or they search for a suitable replacement of the existing product for another one, which may be more convenient for the given application in terms of quality or price.


Problem identification and solution

Thanks to long-term and good relationships with out clients, we often have the opportunity of identifying a specific problem in the operation or maintenance, the solution of which often requires an individual and rather demanding approach to the testing of a convenient product or process. The final application usually brings a considerably positive effect for the client. Our company is very successful in this sphere thanks to its many years’ experience, wide range of products and extensive database of applications realized.


Cleaning of cooling and heating circuits and devices

NOVATO has a unique procedure for cleaning and rinsing of cooling and heating circuits and devices, chemical products of high quality, and long-time experience of its team. Good cleaning of these devices brings remarkable financial savings to the clients, prevents high thermal losses and overloading of units.


Application of ultrasound devices

Ultrasound cleaning devices have been known relatively for a long time, but the technology has become cheaper and developed enough so as to become commonly used in industrial practice only recently. Ultrasound cleaning devices make the process of cleaning and degreasing much more effective, they do not require aggressive and hazardous chemical substances, and are very efficient even where classic procedure completely fail.


Overhauls of electric accumulators

Providing for and accomplishing overhauls of electric accumulators of all types belongs to the traditional services of our company. We have very good experience in it, and a number of our clients is surprises again and again how easy it is to renovate old and unusable accumulators of all kinds. By this service, we also contribute to recycling of used accumulators, thus reducing the risk related to their presence among ordinary wastes.


Replacement of hazardous chemical substances

In the long term, NOVATO is engaged in the development and application of chemical substances and mixtures having minimum adverse effects on the environment and employees’ health. Within our counselling activities, we search for replacements for hazardous substances which cause considerable risks in the working process, or are not usable any more due to the implementation of the ever-stricter regulations, both national and European. The Company is the owner of the Green Solution trademark, under which it develops new and innovative products and technologies in this sphere.


Sale of tools

Trying to provide services as good as possible within the maximum scale, NOVATO has been offering the sale of small tools of top brands for many years. Our clients may choose professional tools among the complete range of products of various companies. In many cases, we try to offer 100% servicing for our clients, and arrange for individual deliveries of various assortment of goods according to their requirements. 

Our benefits


A Czech brand

We are a purely Czech company founded in 1994. Though we also operate in Slovakia and in Poland, Czech clients remain the focus of our interest. That’s why we can tell today that we know their needs well, and we know which technical problems they face every day. We are able to find always the most convenient solution, tailor-made to particular requirements. It is no exception that we develop a completely new product according to the client’s needs after a consultation with the client. We support domestic suppliers of raw materials, and we cooperate with Czech development companies and universities.


Our team

No top team of professionals can be born in a day. We choose our staff carefully, taking their knowledge in the branch, experience, and communications abilities into account. Our sales and technical advisers are trained to be able to analyse problems which occurred in your operation, and to offer an instant solution after a consultation with you. We cover the whole territory of the Czech Republic. It is possible to make an appointment right in your facilities if necessary.


Tailor-made services and products

Above-standard services, both in terms of sales promotion and as to services focused on the solutions of your specific needs, are an inseparable part of our business activities. Our specialists work on a product made to measure to a single client with the same efforts with which they develop products for the general market. They look for the best solution together, which will manifest itself in the specific properties of the resulting, absolutely unique product. Products marked as PRODUKT NA MÍRU (TAILOR-MADE PRODUCT) prove that we are serious about taking a responsible approach to the solution of your technical problems.


Innovations and novelties

Modern methods and technologies, use of renewable sources and matters of vegetal origin, search for innovative procedures. All this has been the prerequisite for NOVATO’s having been successful in launching a number of new products during the last years. In the development, we cooperate with specialized workplaces and scientific and technological parks, and we participate in projects organized under the auspices of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic.


Top Product

We have been collecting experience and practical impulses of our clients for more than 20 years. We know the demanding requirements of employees in maintenance and industry, and we know that they are not satisfied by the average. That’s why we in NOVATO have introduced the TOP PRODUKT mark. It is given to out products that belong to the top on the market. The criterion for this mark is not only the quality of the product itself, but, above all, its popularity among the clients.


GREEN SOLUTION safety and heath protection at work

GREEN SOLUTION is NOVATO’s trademark. It was created because of our need to clearly define a group of highly sophisticated products friendly to the environment and your health. These products are characterized, for example, bz reduced flammability, or absence of VOC. They do without warning symbols and R-phrases. Actually, your industrial safety is one of our priorities. Many of these products are biologically degradable, or made with renewable resources. In addition, we provide for ecological recycling and disposal of chemical wastes from your facilities as an additional service.


Social responsibility

Our aim is our client’s satisfaction. However, it is not the only one. There is a lot of things which give a deeper sense to our lives. Some of them are free of charge, others require the necessary money to be collected. NOVATO regularly donates a part of its profits in support of non-profit organizations and projects, of which many could not be realized without this help. Our contributions are aimed at health care, social welfare, culture, and sports.

About the Novato group

NOVATO Group has arose gradually since 1995, and nowadays it consists of NOVATO spol. s r.o., FINAL TECH spol. s r.o., NOVATO EXPORT s.r.o., REMACHEM a.s. and NOVACLOUD s.r.o. companies. FINAL TECH was founded at the beginning, together with the NOVATO Company, and focused mainly on purchases, logistics, import and export. Today, it has modern logistic premises, a wide network of suppliers and manufactures from the Czech Republic and from Europe, and, together with NOVATO EXPORT, it provides distribution of NOVATO products in Slovakia and Poland. The youngest company in the Group, NOVATO EXPORT focused on the sales of products in Europe and some countries out of Europe, was established in relation to exports, too.

Another member of the Group is REMACHEM founded in 2005. Its main task is renovations, development of new products, search for new inspirations and modern processes in maintenance and repairing. Since its establishment, iIt has been also significantly oriented on the products of industrial chemistry aimed at the reduction of load on the environment and of health and other risks for employees. NOVATO products that get to the market under our own GREEN SOLUTION trademark thus replace a number of hazardous, highly flammable, carcinogenic, or otherwise dangerous products. NOVATO Group also includes the NOVACLOUD Company focused on information technologies. Using its own know how created for a long time, it creates modern, cloud Business Intelligence solutions aimed especially at bridging the space between traditional systems and the needs of general management of having structured information and reporting available, quickly and wherever.


Czech Republic

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